MEET David “Oz” Osterczy 

Oz is a multi-award-winning digital impressionist whose abstract artwork has sparked conversation and intrigue from LA all the way to the Big Apple, from Comicon to art strolls, and corporate clients to interior decorators. 

Oz is in love with nature in all its wondrous forms. Whether he’s enjoying the view on a mountain-top after a long hike, or enjoying the sounds of a babbling brook while meditating, he’s close to nature and usually has his camera with him. He’s passionately driven by Infinite Intelligence, the Universe, Love, Light, and God. A deep spiritual connection guides his hands when creating something beautiful.

During the pandemic, Oz’s art exhibitions were canceled so he pivoted to online sales. His social media followers expressed interest in learning about how he created his art so Oz started teaching courses in Digital Abstract Art technology. He’s loved learning from them as much as they’ve learned from him.

If you’re searching for something unique and awe-inspiring, Oz would be honored to use his artistry and guidance to create something extraordinary for you.

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