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David “Oz” Osterczy

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2019 was a good year for artists, myself included. I booked 20 shows for 2020 and was revved up to have an awesome year.

And then Covid.
And the year died…
I survived.

Many of my massively talented and internationally acclaimed artist friends did not.

So I started the Inner City Artists Guild where we “are eradicating the term ‘starving artist’ from our cultural vocabulary.”


By teaching artists to be business owners first.

Only problem? Many don’t wanna be business owners, they just desire to make people joyful by creating and selling artwork.

So in 2023 I began NoMoSA, No More Starving Artists to put together business owners and artists in their own community to collaborate in joyful abundance, and we are off and running!

Everyone wins, from the business owners who can now display world-class artwork for a fraction of the price of purchase, to the artists who develop residual, ongoing income and get paid four different ways.
This is my passion project as I refuse to lose one more brilliant artist to bankruptcy and depression ever again.

NO More Starving Artists, not now, not ever…

David “Oz” Osterczy
Oz Fine Art Studio LLC
Absolutely Artwear

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