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Hello there! I’m Maleah Bliss. 

I think I was born with the need to express and create beautiful things. As a child, I did that through dance, song, and drawing. As I matured, I used yarn, fabric, video, salves, tinctures, wine, baking, writing, and many other mediums.

When I found paint, it was like I had found an extension of my soul. It allowed me to express emotions that I’m not sure words exist to express. Life, to me, is an exquisite canvas waiting to be adorned with colors and emotions. Emotions are never cut and dry. They can be so difficult to put into words. (That’s probably because they are meant to be FELT.) And that is probably why I love art so much. It allows me to express the feelings I cannot say. 

I’m absolutely thrilled to share my passions and journey with you. While my background includes running a merchant services and banking product company, my heart truly belongs to the world of art, creativity, and helping others feel the amazing array of feelings that exist in this world. I’m excited you are here!

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