Bridge of Bifrost


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Artist April Miller created “Bridge of Bifrost.” Triple crystal resin coated, sanded and polished in between each layer to create a beautiful glass finish as well as durability. This piece contains the semi-precious stones of Hematite, Amethyst, Natural Citrine, Apatite and White Calcite. The artist says, “The day I went into my studio to paint this, I was intending on painting something completely different than what it turned out to be. My intention was to work on a four-panel flame piece. Instead, I was filled at the time with so many emotions of confusion regarding the differences in people and how they are not appreciated. I have, to date of this post, two pieces in my body of work that have been created from this emotion. This is one of them.  Through the flow of different colors coming together, this piece depicts how beautiful colors are when they blend. Just as you and I blend, we create things that only you and I can create. No two circumstances will create the same color and emotion. The white line down the middle is the bridge. The bridge that, when walked, combines all colors to each other. All realms, all experiences, and all emotions. Crossing from one color to another and experiencing everything along the way.” 3D Quadriptich painting on canvas, Semi Precious gemstones, Triple resin coated. Dimensions are 63×24 inches. This art is available for purchase or rent as part of a Large Art Subscription plan.

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