Uniting Communities through Art


Eradicating the term “starving artist” from our cultural vocabulary by uniting investor, business, and artist communities, enhancing the lives of everyone involved.

Our Wall Art Collection…

liberty pond by Oz Osterczy

Dazzling Variety

Whether you’re searching for peaceful landscapes or something more daring, our art is the perfect addition to your surroundings.

With a variety of styles and themes to choose from, you’re sure to find art that adds a touch of personality to your space.

vibrant sunrise

Hand Crafted

Why settle for generic art? Each piece of art is carefully crafted by talented artists who pour their hearts and souls into their work.

A statement piece from our collection can impress visitors and be a great conversation starter at your home or office.

Bubble girl art


Work with our artists to create something that uniquely fits your style and vision.

Why have the same paintings on your wall that everyone else has? Commission one of our talented artists to bring your dreams to life through custom art.

Support Our Artists

south west spirit by April Miller

Art Subscriptions

Imagine new art on your office walls as often as every 3 months. Change styles with the season or just because!


Get your NoMoSA hoodies and Tees with the NoMoSA logo featuring our artists’ creations. Yes, it's wearable art!

NFT digital art

Digital Collectibles

They call them NFTs but we prefer to call them digital tokenized artwork. If you have a crypto wallet: