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If you’re an artist looking to take your career to new heights, join our artist collective. Our community is full of supportive individuals who are dedicated to creativity and collaboration. We offer unique opportunities to connect with other artists and to your local community of art enthusiasts.

By being a part of our collective, you will be contributing to a larger artistic movement promoting a supportive environment for the diverse voices of artists. Help us end the phrase “Starving Artist” because artists deserve to feel appreciated and experience a fair quality of life. Their creative contributions are important to today’s culture!

We welcome artists of all backgrounds and experiences to join us and make a difference in the world. So, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to take your artistic career to the next level, and join us today!

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Benefits of Joining NoMoSA!


The opportunity to earn income through NoMoSA Art Subscriptions to Local Business Owners.


Sell your Art through our multiple channels and connections.


The opportunity to have your art beautifully displayed on t-shirts and hoodies.


The opportunity to earn income by selling NFTs, long after you sell your original art.


For artists who love sales and want to recruit business owners to participate in our art subscriptions, there’s an opportunity to earn recurring commissions.


Profit sharing opportunities.


The opportunity to partner with investors for high-end NFT sales.


Massive exposure through NoMoSA social media channels.


Be part of a growing artist community that is supportive and collaborative. You are not alone anymore.

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