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Have you ever imagined a world without art? A world without sculptures, plays, films, novels, dances, music, animations, cartoons, or paintings? A world with plain walls and no inspiration and beauty? It’s easy to take art and artists for granted or neglect them, even though we claim to value culture.

Art has been an important part of human culture and society for centuries. It allows individuals to express themselves in unique and creative ways, while also providing a window into the thoughts, beliefs, and experiences of people throughout history. Art can evoke powerful emotions, challenge our assumptions, and inspire us to think differently about the world around us. It can also serve as a form of cultural preservation, helping to document and communicate the values and traditions of different societies. Ultimately, art is valuable because it enriches our lives, expands our perspectives, and enhances our understanding of ourselves and others.

Art is an important part of human culture and society that deserves our appreciation and respect. Hence, the creation of No More Starving Artists.

imagine life with no art

Our Mission: 

We are eradicating the term “starving artist” from our cultural vocabulary locally, nationally, and globally.

Our Vision: 

Our goal is to connect artists with a greater global community of supporters, enhancing the lives of everyone involved.


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No More Starving Artists (NoMoSA):

Revolutionizing the Art Industry

for Local Artists and Businesses

Are you tired of staring at plain walls in your office or establishment? Do you want to support talented artists in your community while enhancing the ambiance of your space? Look no further!

No More Starving Artists, lovingly known as NoMoSA, is here to transform your walls into captivating works of art, all while championing the success and prosperity of artists.

I am David “Oz” Osterczy, the CEO of NoMOSA, and I understand the challenges that artists face in their pursuit of a sustainable income. As the owner of Oz Fine Art Studio and Absolutely Artwear, as well as the President of The Inner City Artists Guild, my mission is clear: to eradicate the term “starving artist” from our cultural vocabulary

Oz and his artwork
Oz with his large artwork

With NoMoSA, we are taking a significant step toward achieving this goal. What sets NoMoSA apart is our innovative approach to supporting artists and making art accessible to businesses and individuals. Here’s how we can transform your space and contribute to the artistic community: our Artist’s Cooperative Website! We have created a dynamic online platform where local artists can showcase their breathtaking artwork. It’s completely free for artists to participate!

Artists earn income through three channels: a subscription model with their art displayed in local businesses, sales of their artwork from those walls or our website, and commissions from our affiliate link when people purchase our fantastic “swag” such as t-shirts and hoodies.

Through our Unique Subscription Model, businesses have the opportunity to display rotating pieces of art on their walls. NoMoSA offers an exciting art rental program specifically designed for local business owners who can rent stunning pieces of art to adorn their walls, refreshing their space every 90 days.

For a monthly fee, businesses enjoy a diverse selection of artwork that aligns with their aesthetic preferences. We value the incredible talent and dedication of artists so all art subscriptions and art purchases generate income for our artists. 

By supporting NoMoSA, you are empowering artists to thrive financially, inspiring them to create even more extraordinary pieces for your enjoyment.

Oz, founder of NoMoSA

Making a Difference: NoMoSA is committed to giving back to the artistic community. As part of our mission, we pledge to donate 10% of all profits to The Inner City Artists Guild. This organization provides invaluable programs that equip artists with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their craft, further amplifying the impact of your support. Join us in our quest to revolutionize the art industry and uplift the creative spirit in Salt Lake City and beyond.

Embrace the NoMoSA movement and bring stunning art into your business, all while fostering the growth and prosperity of local artists. Together, we can eradicate the notion of the “starving artist” and create a vibrant, thriving artistic community. Let’s turn your walls into captivating canvases and empower artists to fulfill their true potential. Cheers to a world where artists flourish and businesses thrive!

How it All Began…


David “Oz” Osterczy was invited to be featured on the DFW Networking Diva Podcast. The host Christine Deane fell in love with Oz’s art and his witty friendly charm. Their friendship grew until it spawned No More Starving Artists! Now they’re making the dream of No More Starving Artists come true. Will you help??

We are Artists & Art Enthusiasts who want to see the community thrive!

We love to connect with the community so if you’d like to get involved, let us know by emailing info@nomosa.art