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Photo of Maleah Bliss
Maleah Bliss



Hello there! I’m Maleah Bliss. 

I think I was born with the need to express and create beautiful things. As a child, I did that through dance, song, and drawing. As I matured, I used yarn, fabric, video, salves, tinctures, wine, baking, writing, and many other mediums.

When I found paint, it was like I had found an extension of my soul. It allowed me to express emotions that I’m not sure words exist to express. Life, to me, is an exquisite canvas waiting to be adorned with colors and emotions. Emotions are never cut and dry. They can be so difficult to put into words. (That’s probably because they are meant to be FELT.) And that is probably why I love art so much. It allows me to express the feelings I cannot say. 

I’m absolutely thrilled to share my passions and journey with you. While my background includes running a merchant services and banking product company, my heart truly belongs to the world of art, creativity, and helping others feel the amazing array of feelings that exist in this world. I’m excited you are here!

Photo of April Miller
April Miller



Hello! I’m April Miller.

As a young girl, I sat next to my mother as she painted on canvas with oil, crafted, sewed, cooked and many many other things. ​
She taught me patience. She taught me how to finish something and also how to walk away when you could do no more. ​

At age 15, I remember starting an art class at school. I would come with homework in hand. How do I shadow? How do I show perspective? How do I create from nothing? She would sit and teach me everything she knew.

My father in turn would provide us with endless trips to amazing picnics and hikes where we would hunt butterflies, pick wild grass and flowers only to come home, dry them, and then create amazing shadow boxes.

Fast forward through all these years of artistic exposure. I was given the opportunity in 2019 to leave my office job journey of 20 years and pursue whatever my heart desired.

Oddly enough my art was still in the background of what I currently do which is healing the body through sound and vibration as a Biofield Practitioner. This is where my interest…no obsession with the body’s energies and how they work come from.

One day, my brother was making soap designs and he said… “April! This would be so cool as one of your paintings!” Through this inspiration I worked and created things that I could not even imagine. My husband told me that I needed to make them my own. What does this mean? “They are my own,” I thought. But he was right. They needed my touch, my obsession, my love.

All my life, my poor father was subject to my mother’s arm whacking him across the chest on every drive. The words exclaimed were “BILL STOP!” When we heard these words and the wind being lovingly knocked out of my father’s chest we knew…mom saw a rock on the side of the road that she had to have! She brought all of these rocks to each and every home we lived in. She made rock gardens, rock pathways, and small walls. It is no surprise to me that I have a love of rocks as well.

Combining my love of energy work with the energy I find in all stones, I now have paintings that are my own. Most of all of my paintings are inlaid with beautiful semi-precious gems and stones from all over the world.

Through the long hours of dedication from my husband and the endless time on my feet, I continue to wake up every morning feeling like it is Christmas. I can’t wait to go down into my studio and work, and it is not uncommon for me to disappear for 10 hours or more at a time.

Now as a grandparent, I get to share this with my grandson. I hope to be an inspiration to him and my children as my mother is to me. I believe she is now resting in peace in nothing short of one of her great scenic paintings.

Photo of David “Oz” Osterczy
David “Oz” Osterczy



2019 was a good year for artists, myself included. I booked 20 shows for 2020 and was revved up to have an awesome year.

And then Covid.
And the year died…
I survived.

Many of my massively talented and internationally acclaimed artist friends did not.

So I started the Inner City Artists Guild where we “are eradicating the term ‘starving artist’ from our cultural vocabulary.”


By teaching artists to be business owners first.

Only problem? Many don’t wanna be business owners, they just desire to make people joyful by creating and selling artwork.

So in 2023 I began NoMoSA, No More Starving Artists to put together business owners and artists in their own community to collaborate in joyful abundance, and we are off and running!

Everyone wins, from the business owners who can now display world-class artwork for a fraction of the price of purchase, to the artists who develop residual, ongoing income and get paid four different ways.
This is my passion project as I refuse to lose one more brilliant artist to bankruptcy and depression ever again.

NO More Starving Artists, not now, not ever…

David “Oz” Osterczy
Oz Fine Art Studio LLC
Absolutely Artwear

Photo of Gunter Radinger
Gunter Radinger



I was born in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1943, and immigrated to the United States in 1952.

My interest in art began before I can remember. I have not been formally educated in art, but am totally self- taught. My inspiration comes from anything I see that interests me, photographs that I take or family members ask me to render through my eyes. Much of my work is taken from personal memory or mental images which I try to put on canvas. My particular interest is in the Western themes and vistas of which there is a great abundance in Utah.

My education consists of high school, four years of college with a degree in Spanish, and post-graduate studies culminating in a Master’s Degree in Spanish Literature.
I served two years of active duty in the US Army during the Viet Nam era. After my active duty, I married Carol Rimensberger, and we have two boys and four grandchildren.

After owning several businesses (Fendall Ice Cream, The Oxford Shop), I have retired and am now pursuing selling my art to a larger audience, created over many years and continuing to the present. I’m accepting commissions and have an eclectic body of work. I’ve been fortunate to have participated in numerous exhibits to include the Zions Art Show, Avenues Street Fair, Avenues Open Studios, Alpine Art Gallery, and others. I also have sold works to collectors in London, Ireland, Japan,
Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Argentina, as well as throughout the United States.