World Divided


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Artist April Miller created “World Divided.” In the world today 2023: How do we treat each other? How do we act? How do we teach and love? The eye in the corner of this painting represents any outside view, possibly a more intelligent life form? Anyone that is not involved in our current state. What are their thoughts of how we are behaving? Would they be embarrassed? Would they be empathetic? Would they move as quickly on as they could as to not be associated with out doings? The answers to these questions is in the eye of the beholder and the owner of this painting. This painting is finished with 4 layers of crystal resin coat and sanded between each layer to create a glass-like finish and a 3-D effect. The crystal resin creates a durable to the touch finish while enhancing the fine art quality. The semi-precious stones in this painting are Azurite, Admire Peridot, Ethiopian Opal, Blue Calcite and Carborundum slivers.  Acrylic hand painted on canvas, solid wood frame, Semi-precious gemstones, Resin coated. Dimensions are 30×30 inches. This art is available for purchase or rent as part of a Small Art Subscription plan.

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